"Through him we have received God's grace".

The Sacraments are outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace, given by Christ as sure and certain means for receiving God's grace.

Baptism and Eucharist are the two great sacraments given by Christ to his church. The Episcopal Church recognizes that five other sacramental rites evolved in the church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. These are: Confirmation, Ordination, Holy Matrimony, Reconciliation of a Penitent (confession), and Unction (the anointing of the sick with oil, or the laying on of hands).


Baptism is for anyone new to the Christian faith. This includes babies and small children, but also adults! Baptism is a commitment to a life journey with Jesus, wherever it may take us. In Baptism, we promise to do our best to seek and serve Christ in all persons, break bread in community, and pursue justice for all of creation. No one is perfect; we do all this with God’s help and the support of our church community.

How We Prepare

Individuals or cohorts learn about the history of baptism in the church and study the baptismal covenant. We discuss how these promises apply to our lives, and how they can be challenging. For infants and very small children, parents or guardians are expected to complete this study. For older children, the material is adapted into a series of fun, engaging lessons including a demonstration with a baby doll.


Traditionally done in the pre-teen years, confirmation is – you guessed it – also for adults! Anyone who has been baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (in any denomination) may prepare for this sacrament. Some see it as an opportunity to “confirm” the promises made on our behalf at our baptism as children, but in no matter one’s age it’s an opportunity to deepen our faith and explore the new paths to which God calls us. This sacrament is performed by the Bishop, who visits the parish annually.

How We Prepare

Individuals or cohorts may engage various formal curricula, but the goal is to deepen our faith. This includes studies of saints and heretics, grappling with theological principals, and real-world acts of faith beyond the church walls.

Reception into the Episcopal Church

This rite of passage is for those who have made mature faith commitments in other Christian fellowships and wish to make a public affirmation of their faith and commitment to fulfilling the responsibilities of their baptism. The Bishop lays hands on each candidate for reception and says, “We recognize you as a member of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church, and we receive you into the fellowship of this Communion.” It is an affirmation of your connection to this congregation, but also to the worldwide fellowship of the Anglican communion.

How We Prepare

Individuals or cohorts will learn about the structure of the Episcopal church and how it functions as a member of a global communion. They will study Anglican Worship from around the globe, church history, challenges facing the church, and the ways our modern church engages with politics.

Community Welcome into St. Paul’s

For anyone – and everyone! Those who wish to explore and deepen their connections to St. Paul’s are welcome to attend. At a Sunday service, new members pledge to seek and serve Christ in the community of St. Paul’s and contribute their time, treasure, and talent to our common life. And the entire gathered congregation pledges to do all we can to support you in your life in Christ.

How We Prepare

Cohorts will gather over potluck meals to learn about the St. Paul’s Mission, Membership, and Culture. Throughout, the priority is fellowship and connection, meeting new people, and getting to know the community.


Marriage in the Episcopal Church is “intended by God for [the couples’] mutual joy,” and St. Paul’s is an especially joyful place to make your vows. Ceremonies that take place in the church conform to our tradition of worship and can be customized to include modern or traditional language. Couples who wish to marry here should contact the parish administrator here to discuss dates and set up a meeting with the Rector. St. Paul’s welcomes LGBTQ+ couples.


An Episcopal funeral is a celebration of life that also honors the grief and sorrow of family and friends. Memorial services in the church and graveside services help us mark this significant transition and support the families in their time of need. For help with making funeral arrangements, please contact our parish administrator . We strongly recommend that church members make preferences for their own funerals known to us and allow us to keep them on file in the parish office. Any of the clergy are available to discuss these arrangements with you.