Our Mission

Who We Are

Our Mission

St. Paul's welcomes all people at any stage of their spiritual journey to worship together, care for the community, and live the message of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We strive to be an active, diverse, and welcoming community where people come together to worship and deepen their faith.

Our Values


We believe in supporting the community through service and compassion. We are a safe space and a supportive community where members are cared for by one another.


We are an inclusive community where people of all identities, backgrounds, and histories are welcome to find and continue their spiritual journey.

The Message of Jesus Christ

We Believe in striving to live the message of Jesus Christ every day. At St. Paul’s, we walk the way of love together.

Spiritual Growth

At any point in a person’s spiritual journey, there are opportunities to learn, grow, and strengthen one’s faith at St. Paul’s.