At St. Paul’s, the process of “joining” is as unique as you are. Some people come their first Sunday and immediately sign up to participate in a ministry. Others attend worship for a while and keep a low profile until they feel ready to go to coffee hour. Your journey has just begun, and we are already praying for whatever may unfold for you at St. Paul’s. We trust that God has led you here.

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This is the heart and soul of St. Paul’s. Whether it’s our contemporary, traditional, online, or weekday services, it’s the most important thing we do.

 Often called the “service after the service,” coffee hour is a chance to socialize, catch up, and share stories. You’ll find us swapping gardening tips, sharing photos of loved ones, or continuing the conversation from the sermon. All our members enjoy speaking to newcomers! If you have specific questions, find someone with “Vestry Member” on their nametag. These members of our leadership council are great resources.

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Being new in a church can be a little like starting a new high school or college. Joining a clubs or society can help you connect with smaller groups of people with similar interests.

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